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YAML is a 2021 nonprofit, non-governmental faith-based organization dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking, sex, and labor slavery to reclaim their God-given right to life, freedom, education, and autonomy. 

From victim to advocate

The You Are My Light Foundation and Trust vision and purpose comes from Orly, who overcame abuse herself, and as a self-made entrepreneur and social influencer, understands the plight of this community both in heart and mind.

-Orly Amor

Founder & Trustee

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YAML is building safe, healing, and rehabilitation centers for rescued victims of sex and labor slavery. With our help, survivors will learn life skills, receive an education, and reclaim their honor, dignity, and God-Given right to life, freedom, and autonomy. 


In the next 10 years, the You Are My Light Foundation & Trust (YAML) is the rehabilitation frontrunner assisting untold survivors of human and sex trafficking through various secure healing centers and learning infrastructure primarily throughout America, restoring freedom, fulfillment, and autonomy to thousands. 

...and executing a plan

Holding The Curtain

Step 1. Assessment 

We jumpstart their return to life with a thorough detox and assessment, partnering with the right medical staff and caring professionals, of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing before proceeding to the proper healing modalities. We provide a welcome back-to-life gift to initiate a feeling of a life of normalcy. 

Step 2. Healing

As the healing process begins, we bring to the education, introduction to arts, music, and other professional training,  over a 6-to-12-month process depending on their individual needs.

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Step 3. Autonomy

Finally, our goal is to relaunch their life by providing them the freedom, showing them the way, and setting them up to be independent for life, so they are never exploited again.  We set each of them up to create their successful path in doing what they choose, love, and have learned; and offer the necessary support and financial aid in the journey.

And together, we're driving change.

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